Project Cargo, Break Bulk, RO-RO, Out of Gauge

Dry cargo goods, Specialized Cargo, project cargo  Ro/Ro, Out of Gauge & Reefer service

General cargo vessel need built-in facilities to handle a whole variety of commodities safely, as well as equipment to load , stow, secure, and discharge those goods.

Dry cargo goods: grains, coals, minerals, timber, metals, cements, chemical, refrigerated goods, wheeled and heavy units, livestock and animal products.

Most modern bulks carrier are self trimmers. Bulk scrap metals needs careful stowage.

For cargo that has to be secure, we can do lashing.

RO/RO(Roll on-roll of) vessel has the ability to load and discharge cargo. It is an ideal mode of transport for cars. A typical deapsea ROR vessel is usually equiped with its own fork lift trucks and tranctors , and crane, and is capable of handling from alongside a whole range of wheeled vehicles as well as palletised and containerised goods.

Project cargo – movement of small and large prefabricated structures, constructional equipment, raw materials, machinary .

Heavy lift ships –general cargo vessel fitted with heavy –lift derricks.

There are two types of heavy lift vessel:

Smaller capacity units, reliant on lifting cargo on and off with own gear, and capable of sustaining lift of around 600 tinnes unit  weight.

Larger capacity units – semi-submersible vessel. Equiped with powerful ballasting system bywich tanks are flooded as required , sufficent to submerge the vessel’s cargo area, which can be located beneath the object to be transported. Once all is secured in the carriage position , the ballast tanks are pumped dry and the mother vessel, emerges from the water bearing the weight of the cargo.